Goalie Athleticism Blueprint

Goalie Athleticism Blueprint


This E-Book provides specific foundational drills and movements to improve fitness, reactionary speed and explosiveness for both field and box Lacrosse goalies. It also contains the appropriate sets and repetitions to maximize the performance gains to transfer into game/practice situations.


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This E-Book provides specific drills I have found highly effective in building foundational speed, repeat sprint ability, and sport-specific fitness for youth athletes and beyond.
These drills can be completed by an individual player OR a team depending on equipment availability.
Improve and refine your athletic skills, and build your fitness to improve your style of play. These drills are tailored to your needs depending on your assessment results! Please complete the fitness assessment drills to understand where to focus your attention first.


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I have been training in the fitness industry for the past 8 years but since the pandemic have gone completely mobile. Being a mobile coach allows me to meet with clients one on one or run group training with ease, by finding a mutually beneficial location for all parties.Typography

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